whale newborn encounter

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 |

Today I probably had the most amazing experience I ever had in the Ocean. The funny thing is that yesterday I decided that today I’d post to a “blue” pic with nothing on it to show that for one successful day at sea, you’ll spend countless without seeing anything and not even mentioning that taking a decent pic of what you might see isn’tĀ guaranteedĀ either…
But this morning was just unbelievable: I got in with a socializing pod of sperm whales, and the reason of that big whale party was that a mother just gave birth to a calf a few minutes before…the water was still full of blood and the calf has part of its umbilical! For 30min we were in the middle of the celebration, feeling part of it, the mother was showing the calf to all the 20 others whales and even brought it to us!!!! These are very special moments happening in front of your eyes, you shouldn’t look for that because it might happen anytime, but the least you can do is to spend as much time as you can in the Ocean. Not more, not less.