mid atlantic freediving

Posted on Aug 6, 2015 |

When you are freediving in the Azores you are already at the western part of old Europe, almost mid distance from what they call the New Wolrd. But if you want to feel even more in the the middle of the Atlantic and in the middle of nowhere, go to Princess Alice bank, a pinnacle 80km offshore Faial island…the rock literally raises from the abyss to 35m deep! It is home to lots of pelagic life and in summer the migrating mobula rays (Mobula tarapacana) are cruising these crystal clear waters. In the past I had the chance to encounter mako sharks and large blue marlins over there. You can expect the unexpected everyday when you freedive that magical spot! Please note that we don’t touch the animals, the pictures showing a freediver with his hand on a mobula was taken to document a scientific study aiming at collecting mucus for a DNA/stable isotope study of the University of the Azores. That method is the less invasive possible of course.

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  • mucus collecting from mobula ray for DNA/stable isotop study
  • mucus collecting from mobula ray for DNA/stable isotop study
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