science and conservation

Concerned by conservations issues for many years, since 2005 Fred works with marine biologists to assist them in their field work. He uses his freediving abilities to approach the animals and perform tasks such as acoustic and satellite tagging or DNA sampling. So far Fred was asked by team from Colombia, Mexico, France, , UK, Philippines and South Africa to help them with his practical knowledge and experience in the water with animals. He worked with great white sharks, great hammerheads, scalloped hammerheads, lemmon sharks and ferox sharks amongst others, always using freediving and no protection cage to minimize the disturbance on the animals.

During these missions, Fred documents the field work to contribute to conservation on a larger scale through talks, conferences. Numerous NGO’s are using his material for their conservation campaigns. That approach to conservation pushes forward the concept of positive imagery versus the dramatization of our Ocean’s current state.




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